How it can affect you

You might have lots of questions going around your mind

  • Why us?
  • Is it my fault?
  • Can I do anything to make it better?
  • Will the person I look after get worse or die?
  • What should I do in an emergency?
  • Can I catch it?
  • Will it happen to me too?
  • What caused it?

Caring for someone can be a rewarding experience but sometimes it can affect your everyday life:

  • You might feel worried, sad or lonely
  • It can affect your health
  • You might miss out on time with friends
  • Your school or college work can be affected
  • It might stop you getting a job, or keeping one
  • It can make you stop wanting to achieve your goals for the future
  • You might have money worries

You shouldn’t miss out on anything because you are a carer

You should have the same opportunities that other children have and there are people who can help you.

Don’t bottle it up: Talk to someone, it usually helps.

Try a teacher or school nurse and ask for help, often there is all sorts of help around but you need to ask before you get it.

Look after yourself: try to have a healthy diet and have enough time to do the things you want to do. Keep in touch with your friends and keep up with your hobbies or sports.